Terms and Conditions 2020

An artist shall be defined as the sole creator of the original work. The artist is expected to be in attendance in the booth during hours of operation. In the event of a short-term emergency, the artist may be represented by a knowledgeable adult. With special approval, two artists may show in the same booth. Both artists must be present and all rules apply to both as individual artists.

  • Participation is open to amateur and professional artists. Village Art in the Park welcomes submissions in all brush media, hand thrown and hand built pottery, metal work, jewelry, wood, glass, fiber, printmaking, photography, sketching and portrait work. All elements of art submitted and displayed for sale must be original to the artist in concept, design and execution, and should demonstrate the artist’s creativity and workmanship. For the purposes of this show, no nude figure art will be permitted.
  • The work of all applicants to this show—new, as well as those who have participated before—will be juried each year. All applicants are asked to send three photos of their work which are representative of the art intended to be displayed and sold, and one photo of their display with the application, along with a jury fee of $15. Applicants are also asked to return an information sheet, biographical statement, photo of the artist and website address.
  • The Village Art in the Park Board of Directors reserves the right to accept or reject all applications. A letter of acceptance or rejection will be returned to the artist as soon as possible.
  • All canopies are required to be made from certified fire resistant materials. No Exceptions.
  • Set up begins at 7:30am. Use of Front Street before that time is not permitted. Take care in setting up not to block both lanes of traffic with vehicles or equipment. All vehicles related to Village Art in the Park (VAIP) must be moved by 10:30am and are required to be parked out of the downtown area. Regular business hours for the show are 9am to 6pm.
  • To keep the show fresh and maintain the interest of the buying public, Village Art in the Park will expect returning artists to come back to the park each successive season with a noticeable amount of new art.
  • CLEARLY VISIBLE signage is REQUIRED that includes artist name, an easily identifiable (product) media definition, and must be at least 144 sq. in. in size. All signage must be confined to the inside of the booth and must have a professional appearance.
  • Prints and note cards of original work may be sold. Spinner racks are permitted but must be confined to the interior of the booth.
  • Artists need to show a minimum of two days in any week they choose to participate. Show hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The artists must be present during hours of operation. In the event of an emergency, the booth must be covered by a knowledgeable adult. The show Director will assign all display locations using a lottery system. Each artist will be assigned a 10’x10’ or 10’x20’ space.
  • Art in the Park retains a 21% commission from all sales. Artist payments will be made by direct deposit the week following showing. A 1099 form will be sent to all artists for income tax reporting purposes. Artists pay a $25. exhibitor’s fee per weekend.
  • In the event of policy violation, the Director, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, reserves the right to make a determination and take immediate action. Village Art in the Park also reserves the right to restrict or remove any exhibit or artist considered unsuitable or objectionable. Plagiarized or misrepresented art constitutes grounds for immediate dismissal from the show. Quality control will be monitored.
  • Village Art in the Park is a non-profit organization. The commission collected on the sale of your art is used to provide scholarship funds for applicants pursuing a higher education in the arts and financial support for art education in local schools.
  • Smoking is not allowed in or around canopies.

The Terms and Conditions are viewable in the 2020 Prospectus.

2020 Prospectus