Board of Directors

Village Art in the Park has a volunteer Board of Directors who work behind the scenes. They have many duties, but their main task is to ensure that a quality art exhibit is offered to the public such that adequate funds are generated to support Village Art in the Park into the future and to fund the Scholarship and Grant programs that Village Art in the Park maintains.

The Board is made up of between 7 and 9 Board Members who serve three-year terms, renewable by a majority vote of the Board at the annual meeting. Officers serve one-year terms which are also renewable annually.

Monthly meetings are held year-round on the first Tuesday of each month.

Are you interested in joining?

If you have any questions about the Village Art in the Park Board of Directors or would be interested in joining, please contact us!

Laura Hansen


I have been a resident of Leavenworth for 38 years. I co-founded the Leavenworth Brewery with my husband Scott in 1992, helped it grow and then merge with Fish Brewery in Olympia in 1999. I was on the Chamber of Commerce Board for nearly ten years (1983 to 1992) and President for two years. During that time we developed and implemented most of the events, funding sources, and advertising that have helped make our village a year round visitor destination. Since 1999, I have been doing the display and design work at Kris Kringl, the year round Christmas store here in Leavenworth. It is a physically and mentally challenging job, in the best possible sense, and I thoroughly enjoy it. About four years ago I was invited to join the Board of Village Art in the Park. I was very familiar with the goals and mission of the organization, but as with any new endeavor, I have come to learn just how much work goes into making it successful. 2020 is my first year as Board President. All of us are extremely proud of the artists who return each year and who have the opportunity to sell their works in exchange for the commission that funds local school art programs and yearly college scholarships. Though 2020 will be off to a late start I believe that, with careful stewardship, we will rebound and make this a successful year for all.

Teddy Rieke

Vice President

Together with my husband, Kevin, we own and operate three Leavenworth businesses, The Wood Shop, Hat Shop and Wurlygigz. I am honored to volunteer on the Village Art in the Park Board and have proudly served since 2008. I appreciate the opportunity to work with each of the dedicated Board Members and support all of the talented artists. Village Art in the Park is a storied community treasure. Together we have created an Enriched Education Program that is awarded annually to a local school. It is designed to facilitate and enhance art education in our local school art programs. This $2000 grant is given to allow local art teachers to fund art projects for their students that would otherwise not be possible. This is just one of the positive programs we support as Village Art in the Park and is absolutely my favorite. For more information on the programs we support, please see the Community Involvement page.

Jamie Howell


Writer and filmmaker Jamie Howell founded one of the first digital media production companies in North Central Washington in 1999 and quickly became one of the region’s most recognizable filmmakers. Howell’s commercial and documentary works have garnered two Emmy nominations, been named as a finalist in Banff Mountain Film Festival and earned accolades from Seattle Weekly for TV Commercial of the Year, among other awards. He has served on the Village Art in the Park Board of Directors since 2018 and also serves on the Board of the Leavenworth Mountain Film Festival.

Claire Burlingame

Board Member

I have lived in Leavenworth for 45 years. Over the years we enjoyed spending time viewing the art in the park. I have always enjoyed art and when I was asked to join the Village Art in the Park Board, I was very interested. I joined the board in December 2007.  I have enjoyed serving on the board and hope to continue in the future.

Ann Thrasher

Board Member

I’m a forty year resident of Leavenworth and I appreciate all it has to offer. I’m enjoying retirement now after a thirty-four year career with our local Cashmere Valley Bank. My interests are gardening, botanical crafts, up cycling vintage items, and spending time with my three grandchildren. When asked to join the Village Art in the Park board in 2007, I was very pleased to do so. To be part of a nonprofit organization that serves as a venue for artists to exhibit and sell their work - to support art education - and to support a generous scholarship program, was of particular interest to me. I’m honored to serve our community in this way.

Teara Dillon

Board Member

I am a local artist from Leavenworth, WA. I create in many different media, and I have a passion to teach others to explore their individual voice. Sharing unique views through art creates diversity and allows us to celebrate our differences. I am inspired by bright colors, human and animal form, and nature. Impressionism is a favorite style with loose, quick brush strokes, thick impasto texture, and generous use of color. Art styles like Cubism and Surrealism challenge the mind and remind us that even though we are looking at the same thing, we may see it differently. I love to learn as well as teach. I hold a BA in Art Education, a MA in Curriculum, endorsement in Career Technical Education, and I am a National Board certified teacher at Cascade School District. My classes range from drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, digital media, and photography. I also do commission work and you can find my paintings at Sleeping Lady Resort, the Wenatchee and Moses Lake offices of Central Washington Oral and Facial Surgery, Tumwater Bakery, and in private collections.