Community Involvement

Village Art in the Park maintains two separate programs that benefit the art community in the greater Leavenworth area.

Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program was started in the 1980s and supports local artists who aspire to attain an art degree at an institute of higher learning.

This scholarship is available to graduating seniors from the Cascade School District and adults who reside in the greater Leavenworth area and who are enrolling in a higher education program and intent on earning a degree in art.

This scholarship is usually awarded to a single individual annually and has a total value of $8000 per recipient.

Enriched Art Education Program

The Enriched Art Education Program was started in 2009 and supports the art departments of the schools in the Cascade School District on a rotational basis.

This program awards up to $2000 in grant funding per year. The funds may be spent on expendable art supplies that might not be able to be purchased otherwise and on guest artists who are not part of the Cascade staff.