Enriched Education Fund

A grant of up to $2000 is awarded annually on a rotational basis to schools in the Cascade School District of Washington State.

Please view the rotation schedule. If you are the principal or an art teacher at the award school for a given year, please complete and submit the following form by December 31st of the year prior. Forms can be mailed to the address listed at the bottom of this page (attn: Enriched Education) or emailed to Teddy Rieke, the Enriched Education Committee Chairperson. Funds will be awarded in January.

Please note that if your school is not the designated school of the year that your application will not be accepted.

NOTE – because 2020 was definitely not “normal”, our typical $2000 grant to a single school would not have the same effect as it normally would. In an effort to bring art to a maximum number of children in the Cascade School District we decided to launch Enriched Education 2.0.

School Rotation Schedule:

2020: Enriched Education 2.0

2021: Alpine Lakes Elementary

2022: Icicle River Middle School

2023: Cascade High School

2024: Discovery School & Beaver Valley

2025: Peshastin-Dryden Elementary 

2026: Alpine Lakes Elementary

Please contact Teddy Rieke with any questions concerning the Enriched Education program or the application process.

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