Yury Konyshev

Yury Konyshev is a celebrated, Russian-American watercolor artist currently residing in the verdant, Pacific Northwest United States. His style can best be described as Romantic Realism. Although equally skilled in all painting mediums, he is an exceptional watercolorist with a discerning eye for even the most subtle shade variances. His passion for nature and the fragile environment translate exquisitely onto paper and canvas. Watching Yury handle a paintbrush is like watching a delicate ballerina dance lyrically across a stage.

Yury’s intricate, watercolor landscapes, still life and portraits comfortably hold their own when compared with oils or acrylics, which also sometimes find their way into his paintings. The translucent, pigments of the watercolor paints are the perfect medium to interpret the majestic trees and meandering streams which are his natural inspiration.

Born in Russia in 1951, Yury’s talent was evident at an early age. He went on to achieve a Masters of Art degree from the University of Art in Kostroma before accepting a position as Professor of Art at Krasnoe na Volge Art College.

Yury is currently a member of The Union of Artists of Russia as well as the National Art Exhibition of Watercolour Artists. He has been invited to exhibit his art on five continents and has taken part in exhibitions in more than 25 galleries in France, Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Chile, Argentina, Brasil, the United States and several other European, Asian and South American countries. Yury’s paintings are part of the permanent collection of The Kostroma Museum of Art and many of his works are in private collections in Russia, Europe, Japan, India, Canada and the United States. Among his collectors are Chancellor Helmut Kohl of Germany and former President D. Medvedev of Russia.