Ali Hancock

Whiskey Jack Designs

Heyo! I’m Ali and I made all of these paintings. I’ve always enjoyed art and can remember brainstorming art related business ideas from a young age. I grew up in Colorado, and now live in Cashmere, WA. Five years ago I quit all of my jobs, started selling art full time, and haven’t turned back. When I first started out I had a few watercolor paintings but primarily sold wood burnings. Turns out wood burning is suuuuper tedious and I got sick of it and wanted color so now I just paint! Huzzah! My work has always danced in the space where humans meet environment – where culture meets nature – where we are these wild animals on this wild ass planet and humans often feel so natural and unnatural to me all at the same time. I generally paint landscapes and incorporate different art and design styles into nature scenes. I seem to drift farther and farther from realism and intend to keep drifting. Sometimes I paint inside and sometimes I paint outside. I find inspiration from anything and everything. I generally draw landscapes and natural elements that I see while out biking, hiking, running, skiing, surfing and climbing, while I find the style and design elements of my work from travel, music, tasty food, antique malls, home videos and more. Thanks for being interested enough in my artistic expression to read this here bio, I hope it adds vibrancy to your life!!