Application submitted to move to a modified Phase 2

On Friday, 5 June, the Chelan-Douglas Health Board submitted an application to the WA Secretary of Health requesting a move from Phase 1 to a ‘modified Phase 2’. Here’s the Reopening Proposal in its entirety. Specifically for retail, they applied for allowances of 50% capacity (fast forward to p. 24). Village Art in the Park doesn’t have a published occupancy limit since we’re an outdoor venue, but I think that if we follow social distancing guidelines that we could open under this constraint.


Now we’re just waiting to see if the application gets approved.


IF the State gets to our application early next week, and IF they subsequently approve it, and IF the City of Leavenworth goes along with it, THEN there’s a chance that we could open as soon as 12 June.


Stay Tuned!