Village Art in the Park

Most people know us as the vibrant outdoor art market that resides in downtown Leavenworth from May through mid-October each year. We are proud to host an array of artists from near and far, amateur to professional, who display and sell their handcrafted artworks. On any given weekend in our market you can lose yourself in the colors and patterns and textures of the paintings, the photographs from around the word will stun you and quite possibly you’ll find a piece of jewelry or a hand thrown mug that you couldn’t possibly live without.

It is lesser known that we are a nonprofit organization with the express mission of supporting of the arts and artists within our community. Hosting Art in the Park enables us to provide art education in the form of scholarships for art degrees and financial support for art programs in the Washington State Cascade School District. Over the past 54 years Art in the Park has awarded tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants, and for many years provided an art teacher for the local elementary school.

2020 Artist Collage

This is our first annual artist collage and we love how it turned out. Stay tuned – there may be an opportunity to add this to your art collection!

Village Art in the Park is the longest running open air art installment in Washington State.

The inaugural year was 1966 and it has been a consistent seasonal feature in Leavenworth since then.

The 2020 season will be our 55th!