Shobika Sekar

I am a self-taught artist grew up in India and found my love for art since childhood. My passion and love towards creating still life from beautiful naturalistic things lead me to where I am in my life. My life as a professional started at the age of 18 when I started painting for decorating our new house, since then I am a creator of many amazing oil paintings in abstract & contemporary style to decorate the houses of art lovers.

Of all the naturalistic things, flowers bring sense of calm, serene beauty to the world and decided to champion them. I believe beauty of flowers cannot be appreciated enough in its lifetime, I decided to give them immortality. I was always inspired by the texture and color patterns of the flowers.
One of my recent work, white fairies is the one that’s closest to my heart. It’s a first of a kind peonies painting as I have been longing to finally get the one to be on my board. This painting is specifically done with two different angles of sunlight falling on the two peony diptych. The shadows represent sunrise and sunset between them.

While painting, I visualize them as if they are blossoming to become immortal and capture tiny variations that sprouted itself on their own. I bring realism through renaissance and Dutch old master’s techniques. I painted slowly using many layers building depth to finally see the delicate blooming petals. I created incredible depth in detailing from myriad of natural patterns.

I am a constant observer of beauty and I personally photograph my flowers in northwest pacific region/farms near Seattle and they are rich enough to create variety. I have seen my paintings create magic from sunlight through moonlight in my home. The greatest moment of all comes when the sunlight creates the magic of making the painting alive to feel the blossoming and create positivity in the room. Its beauty and grace helps me focus the importance of beauty in my life. I am blessed to provide the same to the viewers of my work.