Nena Howell

Nena Howell Fine Art

Like my ancestral spirits beating on their drums, my work is born out of that feeling of celebration and rhythm.

I find a sweet calmness in that soft, intertwined place with my brushes and oils. I find a fluidity that enlivens and energizes my palette.

Every day I bring themes of survival, connection, stewardship and respect forward on canvas. I seek out movement that catches that intimate connection between people and nature. With transparent and thick strokes where figures meet nature. My contemporary figurative work includes reverence for my Ukrainian and Tlingit Indian roots and abstract expressionism style.

I’m grateful, in summer of 2023 my work “Forest Charm and Giving That We Receive” placed in the top 10 Eastern Washington artists to be shown at the finalists EmergEAST Exhibition for the month of June at Gallery 110, Seattle, Wash.

Stewardship, abundance and wellness for all people, land, and sea finds pride of place in my work.
Each piece has that expression of the movement and spiritual energy that celebrates all life.