McKenna Ihde

Born in the Midwest, McKenna grew up in rural Wisconsin where she was granted the freedom to wander her family’s homestead, always multiple pets in tow. Until her late twenties she stayed mostly in Wisconsin gingerly tending to her artistic roots.

She graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay with a BA in Drawing and Arts Management. She’s never been able to justify piling on more student debt, so her dynamic style has evolved away from the brick and mortar educational systems.

Now she finds herself in Leavenworth, Washington where she showcases and sells her paintings weekly at Village Art in the Park. She and her boyfriend are both painters who have chosen to “live small” in their travel trailer in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

McKenna Ihde’s art celebrates the imperfect beauty of nature along with an open hearted responsibility to honor the environment where she resides. Her unique creations have experienced international acclaim. Her work conveys a passion to repurpose materials that no longer serve their original purpose.

With all the tools and trappings of a mixed media painter her creative spirit is not at peace working in such small quarters. Therefore she generates much of her work outside in the studio space that nature provides. It is here where she honors nature’s imperfect beauty by drawing inspiration from the great Pacific Northwest