Maureen Scott

MJs Crafted Concepts

Maureen Scott is an Aussie living in Leavenworth, Washington and it is this influence that is reflected in her art. She has been a part of Village Art in the Park for several years.

“Brighten up your Life” is Maureen’s catch phrase. Her use of bright color is unique to this part of the world and offers something different for her customers.

Her specialty is painting the ocean and beaches, but has some quirky animals and abstracts as well. Maureen also paints on mini canvasses and mini wood rounds, as well as large wood rounds and ovals. She also has a large selection of prints available in different sizes.

Maureen’s work can be seen on such things as shower curtains, bath mats, wall hangings, clothes, accessories, beach towels, bags, swimsuits, and many other items.