Lauren Beach

Lauren Loraine
I started my jewelry making journey with an apprenticeship in New Zealand with a bone carver and inlay artist! After returning home I started to teach myself to work with wood as I found that to be a more pleasant medium to work with rather than bone. I had spent all of my 20’s doing seasonal work , working half the year on an island off the coast of Maine and the winters traveling, living in various states where I could climb, surf or ski, taking art classes in other countries.  Through my travels I had collected boxes of shells, rock and sand. As I wrestled with getting rid of everything I instead decided to buy some lapidary equipment and proceeded to teach myself to cut and work with stone and shell so I could inlay them into my wood pieces. After a few years of figuring out how to combine the mediums I won the Maine CAP grant and got to apprentice under a silversmith in Maine and have now started to incorporate metals into my work! I still find most of the wood, stones and shells I use in my pieces. The things I do not find I source sustainably or use recycled products. I now try to take a few months every year to go out in my van and source materials and follow my sould pursuits of skiing , climbing, surfing, plants and farming!