Exhibitor Contract

2023 Exhibitor Contract
If you have any trouble with this form please email director@villageartinthepark.org.
Please be thorough. Village Art in the Park reserves the right to accept some submitted item types and not others. Note that if the items on display in your booth at any show differ greatly from your juried sumbissions, or if additional types of items are added, that you may be asked to remove the unapproved items.


Please indicate the weekends you’d like to show. Note that requested weekends may not be granted based on space available and our goal of balancing the types of art represented in the park.


The Village Art in the Park Board and the Director assume no responsibility. By signing the Exhibitor Contract, the artist and his/ her family agrees to hold harmless the Village Art in the Park, a nonprofit corporation, the City of Leavenworth, their officers, employees, and agents from any loss or damages either to persons or property caused to, or by, the artist or the artist’s unit in conjunction with Village Art in the Park. The artist further agrees to defend said Village Art in the Park from any claim for such damages.

I have read and understood all of the Terms and Conditions of Village Art in the Park (see attached). I agree to abide by any additional directions given by the Director. All exhibitors will conduct themselves in a professional manner, which includes obeying the laws and regulations of the City of Leavenworth. Said policies will be enforced by Village Art in the Park.

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